Beejotsav Nagpur 2016

February 1, 2016 0 Comments

In the times of chemical farming and G.M. seeds, Mr. Anant Bhoyar from Nagpur is practicing organic farming with determination of producing poison-less food. Mr. Harshil Awchat of Nagpur is trying to provide pure edible oil with the help of expeller technology, while most of the market is full of adulterated oil. A group of farmers in Akola is producing indigenous cotton when more than 90% of the area under cotton in our country is B.T. Cotton. Gram Sewa Mandal in Wardha is producing Khadi by keeping alive the Charkhas and handlooms, so that we won’t have to surrender the cloth market to the fabric factories which are centralizing wealth and polluting environment with hazardous chemicals. At the times when people are finding more respectful and comfortable to leave villages and find a job in cities, a software professional from Nagpur, Prachi Mahurkar, has left her job and started farming.