Bijnor farmers to test cow urine-based organic pesticide

April 23, 2016 0 Comments

Meerut, April 19: At a time when sugarcane is getting bad press for being a thirsty crop, the district sugarcane department has found a way to lessen its impact on the environment and the pockets of impoverished farmers.

The department claims to have developed a bio-pesticide with cow urine as the main ingredient. It can be made at home, and costs only Rs 35 to spray a bigha of land.

Officials said the pesticide has been successfully tested and has been found to be as effective as chemical sprays. It does not reduce soil fertility nor leaves behind any toxic residue. The district administration will now train farmers to make it.

O P Singh, district sugarcane officer, said, the pesticide is made using 10 litres of cow urine, 500g garlic, 100g onion, 500g red chilies and 500g tobacco leaves. The mixture is allowed to ferment inside a covered container to produce a concentrate. “Dilute 400g of the organic pesticide with 60 litres of water and spray on plants,” Singh said, adding, “Pesticide for 1 bigha land costs Rs 35 and can be made at home.”