Biodynamic farming training course

August 12, 2015 0 Comments

Farmers in India are increasingly opting for organic farming as a viable alternative to chemical agriculture. In this context, biodynamic (BD) agriculture will strengthen the organic farming movement and be of immense help to organic farmers. A number of experienced BD practitioners trained by Peter Procter will conduct the course. The course has a good balance of theory and practical sessions.

 The crisis in modern agriculture and principles of organic / sustainable farming.

 Biodynamic preparations BD500 and BD501 – theory and practice.

 Practical demo:

1.) Horn Manure (BD500) – Demo making, retrieval, stirring and application.

2.) Horn Silica (BD501) – making, stirring and application.

 Biodynamic compost preparations (BD 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507) – theory.

 Practical demos: 1) BD 500, 2) BD compost, 3) cow pat pit manure (CPP), 4) liquid manures.

 The significance of moon rhythms and planetary and stellar constellations, and the use of a planting calendar in agriculture.

 Increasing soil fertility, control measures of plant pests & diseases, and weed control.

 Animal husbandry in BD farming.

 Seed Production through organic and biodynamic farming methods.

 Demeter standards and certification procedures