Black scented rice (chahaomubi) the black gold of Manipur – 1

December 2, 2016 0 Comments

By Prof Ningthoujam Ram Singh
The word Chahaomubi is a combination of three Manipuri words of cha-hao-mubi meaning rice-tasty and black. It is a blackwhole rice plant bearing dark grains. Chahaomubi is also known as Poireiton Chakhao because it was first domesticated by king Poireiton in his land of Poi. Poi is the first generation of Manipur society. After releasing their caves the Poi people established their settled life at the foothills of Nongmaijing in Heirok range (Poireiton Khunthok). Poi or Pui is the origin of Karen, Shan and Tai people of Asia (Shan chronicle). The Chahaomubi or Poireiton Chakhao was migrated form Poirei or Manipur during 400 BC by Buddhist monks in most Asian countries. The rice is a compulsory item of food for all religious ceremonies and festivities in Asia. Naturally, Chahaomubi is an organic rice variety. It is organic in character because there will be no quality of rice if we apply chemicals and inorganic fertilizers on it. It has its own fertilization from its environment and it is also resistant from the emergence of insect and pests. ( to be contd)