Blazing an aesthetic trail in organic farming

December 30, 2015 0 Comments

Kerala, Dec 29: A group of farmers in Choornikkara panchayat is blazing a new trail in vegetable marketing using the aesthetic appeal of crop design to woo customers to their farms and selling them fresh, hand-picked produce.

“There is a visual value to vegetable farms, especially when there is a design that augments their natural appeal”, says A. A. John Sherry, agricultural officer, who took the initiative in launching what has been named Green Market.

Crop designing involves changing the very look of the garden. In mixed crop farms, all types of vegetables and fruits are grown intermittently.

The farm in Choornikkara has large swathes under one crop for the single season between September and February.

“It is also easier to manage the garden when there is a large area under one crop,” said Mr. Sherry, explaining how the experiment resulted in the brisk sale of produce from the Pallikkerippadam, on the banks of Choorna rivulet and about a kilometre from the Ernakulam-Aluva stretch of National Highway 47, turning west from Companypady.