Chef cooks tonne of curry to promote organic farming produce

Nagpur (Maharashtra), Jan 21 (ANI): A chef from Maharashtras Nagpur, Vishnu Manohar, cooked a tonne of curry using organic vegetables to help local farmers reach out to a greater market on Saturday. The initiative by the chef, who also holds the Guinness World Record, for the longest cooking marathon, was aimed at generating awareness about organic vegetables and opening new avenues for small farmers practicing organic farming. This is an attempt to provide organic farmers with a market and simultaneously, people should know where they can find them, said Manohar. Organic farming is a form of agriculture which relies on natural inputs in order to sustain the health of soil, ecosystem and living creatures. The organic food and beverages market in India has grown at a stupendous rate in the last decade. However, high price of organic food continues to deter consumers from buying the produce.