Chemical fertilizers harming Bharat Mata

April 23, 2016 0 Comments

Nagpur, April 11: Union tribal affairs minister Jual Oram and BJP Kisan Morcha chief Vijaypal Singh Tomar have appealed to farmers to not use chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides as these were harming the soil.

“The soil that produces crops and sustains life is Bharat Mata. Today, the widespread use of chemicals in agricultural is damaging the soil. Foreign companies encourage such practices and thus have hurt Bharat Mata. These chemicals have not only damaged the soil but also adversely affected the health of human beings,” Tomar told the media on Saturday. He was talking on the sidelines of Vanvasi Krishi Gramvikas activists meet at Smriti Mandir, Reshimbagh. It was organized by Pune-based Suyash Charitable Trust.