Ciao NYC, hola Organic Farming!

Mysuru, April 25: The pull of New York City is undoubtedly unparalleled. Most people would trade half their fortune to even visit the Big Apple without a second thought. And then there are the odd ones like Anjali Rudraraju, who left her high-paying, corporate job in New York to come back and live a simple life on a farm. Long before the 35-year-old decided to become a farmer, she worked as a global internet strategy manager and a management consultant at two different films in New York. All that is a world away though. Her new life mission is Yarroway Farm, South of Mysuru, where she lives with her husband Kabir Cariappa, also a farmer. Currently located south of Mysuru, Anjali and Kabir have been working to encourage sustainable living and stressing on the fact that there is no alternative to natural food.