Coalition for a GM Free Karnataka

October 18, 2013 0 Comments

Press Release

Bangaloreans Join hands with the global movement against Monsanto and for safe Food

Feature story – October 15, 2013

Say a loud NO to GMOs and corporatisation of food/farming systems

On the eve of World Food Day, today, Bangalore joined the Global March Against Monsanto and for food safety and seed soverignity. Hundreds of citizens including farmers, consumers, scientists, students, activists and numerous others who gathered in front of the Town Hall here loudly pronounced the rejection of GMOs in our food and farming, and of corporatisation of our food systems.

Inaugurating the public action against Monsanto, veteran freedom fighter and Gandhian Sri H.S Doraiswamy exhorted the gathering to conitnue this struggle for keeping our food and farming systems free from the clutches of Multinational corporations like Monsanto. He reminded the gathering that “the very cotton that Gandhiji used as a weapon for our freedom struggle against British Raj is now totally under the control of an American Multinational, Monsanto. This they did through aggressive marketing tactics of their proprietary Genetically Modified Bt cotton, the only GM crop commercially cultivated in our country. After gaining total control over cotton seeds they are now aiming to get control over our food crops and that needs to be stopped at any cost”