Collective farming, water budgeting: Purlia’s weapons against drought

June 10, 2016 0 Comments

Kolkata, Jun 4: It was 12 noon and the summer season was at its peak at the fag-end of May. The sun was rolling high mercilessly over the parched lands of Purulia – one of the most drought prone districts of West Bengal. Most of the water bodies had dried up revealing cracks in their beds. The mighty Damodar River had turned into a mere trickle in some portions. Children, carrying water buckets, were queuing up in-front of a water-hole to collect drinking water. The district had been hit by droughts over the past two consecutive years and this year too, conditions seemed to be heading that way.

But Vikram Mahatha a resident of Paradi – a remote village in Purulia’s Raghunathpur–II block – seemed confident and wore a smile on his face despite all odds. Over the past two years, despite the district reeling under drought conditions, his farmland has yielded a good harvest of mustard, wheat and various kinds of vegetables.