Craving nutrition: How 6 entrepreneurs took to organic farming in Noida

Noida, Mar, 22: Concern over what their children eat — food laden with pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers — has driven six families in Noida to farming organic vegetables.

The families that consist of entrepreneurs and professionals working with multinational companies have leased out land to grow organic pulses, potato, onion, cauliflower and peas among other items.

On weekends, these families turn farmers and do everything from composting to ploughing and removing weeds from farmland. The children join them.

“My family was using organic food since a long time because farmers lately have started using excessive pesticides and chemicals. Later, I learnt that even organic food lacks nutritious value because producers follow wrong farming practices so I decided to form a group and do farming on my own,” said Nandini Diesh, 42, a corporate lawyer and a trained farmer. Diesh attended a five-day farming course at an agricultural institute in Noida in 2013. She also did a three-day course at Kitchen Garden Association of India.