Crusader of organic farming

Times are changing and things do not seem to be happening for good. With the changing times, climatic conditions are also changing thanks to the callousness of the modern generation. In the mad rush for modernisation and urbanisation, people are utterly disregarding the Mother Earth and digging their own graves. Agricultural sector also is facing hard times due to many reasons and the need to promote organic farming is becoming all the more important.

Perhaps, this was what prompted Suresh Reddy, a landlord and farmer from Warangal district, to take to organic farming and of course advocate the new method among other farmers. He successfully cultivated red rice through organic farming and is busy explaining people about the advantages of red rice.

According to him, there are several benefits regarding red rice produced through organic farming. Suresh Reddy said in the present days there were many new methods which were followed in agriculture and an equal amount of unseen problems hidden in it. He said organic farming was one of the best solutions for the present day situation.