Dangi Breed Festival

April 11, 2014 0 Comments

Dangi Breed Festival has been organized at Khirware village of akole block of A’Nagar district between 12-15 April 2014.

This is initiative by Khirware grampanchyat since last 4 years by collecting contribution from like minded people without any of support from Govt agencies .and purpose of this is to aware community about Importance of Dangi breed in agriculture, Recognition to Breed conservators, Sale of Bulls etc. MITTRA is working in 17 villages in This area and supplying Cemen of DANGI Breed through our AI Centres and We have good Netwok with Farming communities.

Its our strong feeing that we should be part of This event and contribute lot.

Also Organizers exceptions from BAIF -MITTRA   are-

*       Recognition and awards to Best Dangi bull and Cow Breed.
*       Technical Inputs

Myself and Mr.Jitin Sathe looking Towards This event in following way:

*       Understanding People’s perceptions about Dangi Breed.
*       Specific Characters of Dangi breed from Experienced Dangi Breed conservators.
*       Initiate steps to Establish Dangi Breed Conservators association.
*        Data base of Dangi breeders in Akole clusters.
*       Procurement of Dangi Bulls  for Developing Bull station At CRS in

Next Few Years (As part of MGB)

So we can participate In this event in follows ways _

*       Recognition to Dangi breeders by BAIF -MITTRA  Awards.
*       Stall of BAIF-MITTRA _ Display of Our initiatives in Indigenious
Breed conservation,Fodder Species,Mineral mixture, Lie and Gochid
Nirmulan of Animals in camp.
*       Lecture from BAIF -MITTRA Expertise on Proper Maintainence of Breed, Aftercare, Feeding of Calfs etc.
*       Involvement of BAIF-MITTRA Experts, MGB -Staff  in this event.
*       Marathi literature on Aftercare and Mangement of Cow breeds, Fodder cultivation, seed for sale

As Akole is one of Area in MGB project for Dangi breed conservation and revival, we think this is good opportunity for us to link with Dangi breeder’s community and take steps ahead.

Waiting for Postitive response as earliest

Sanjay patil and Jitin sathe

*Save Seeds, Save Life…*