Delhi Govt. asks Centre not to proceed with GM mustard: Deputy CM writes to PM

In a letter from Mr Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi Government, to the Prime Minister he is saying that decisions such as the one on GM mustard, if taken without consulting, and without the approval of state governments, will be unconsitutional. Large scale trials should not have happened without taking state governments on board, he writes. He is reminding the Centre that both the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture’s report in 2012 and the Supreme Court’s TEC report have expressed concerns about GM crops in the past. Both reports have pointed out that there is no strong regulatory regime with regard to transgenics in India as of now.

Manish Sisodia is reminding that the BJP in its manifesto has promised caution on GM crops whereas what is the reason for proceeding this way now.

He is asking for all data to be put out in the public domain, and consultations be held with state governments, farmers, consumers and scientists.

Delhi government will not tolerate any interference with what our farmers grow and what our consumers eat in this state: we will not allow our consumers’ right to consume safe food, or our farmers’ seed freedoms.

Our citizens’ health should not be compromised under pressure from MNCs. Without taking state governments, farmers, consumers and scientists into full confidence, no decision should be taken.