Disaster prone Cuddalore farmers start wearing several hats

Cuddalore (TN), Dec 25: Repeatedly ravaged by natural disasters, the recent deluge following unprecedented rains being the latest, the farmers in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district have started diversifying like never before.

From taking up organic farming to cashew shelling to cattle rearing, they are branching out to different areas connected to agriculture with the help of government agencies and NGOs that provide them training and micro-credit support.

K Gopalakrishnan of V Kattupalayam, essentially a farmer, had some time back also taken up cashew procurement, shelling, processing and marketing.

But, with the deluge having hit the cashew business, he is now contemplating taking up vermicomposting as a new alternative.

Vermicomposting is the practice of using earthworms to convert organic waste into fertilizer.”

It is all about syncing demand, supply, seasons and time.

At the moment cashew shelling is at a slow pace.

We expect it to pick up momentum after some time.

During such lean period we give more attention to organic farming or some other local work,” he says.