DNA editorial on this govt’s “tearing hurry”

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


By clearing field trials of several GM food crops, India takes another step towards commercial release without reliable regulators, safeguards or risk studies

By authorising field trials for 15 more genetically modified (GM) food crops, India has signalled its intention of fast-tracking its use of GM technology.  India has only the highly contested commercial precedent of Bt-cotton, a cash crop, to rely on when clearing field trials for major food crops like rice, wheat, brinjal, chickpea and mustard. Rather than be cautious by experimenting with soybean, corn and canola which offers oil and feed post-processing, biotech regulator Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee(GEAC) has cleared a rash of proposals for nearly 60 GM food crops in three meetings held since March.