Dont Waste Your Waste: How to Make Compost and Use It Too

January 18, 2018 0 Comments

It will be leading you through the entire process of converting your kitchen waste into delicious khaad.
It will teach you to balance our dry and wet waste and ensure our compost doesnt get smelly. Different smart options for composting at home will be presented and practically introduced hands-on.

Finally, we will close the loop by showing you how you can best (re-)use your compost in your kitchen gardens to grow even more yummy veggies.
Heres what well cover:

-the basics of aerobic composting
-composting at home how to make it easy and odorless
-leaf composting and mulching
-fertilising your plants with homemade compost

And well do some hands-on work on:

-balancing wet and dry waste
-compost tea
-making a sapling pot with compost