Farmer sets example in organic farming for drought-hit Bundelkhand

Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh is considered as the backward region in agriculture owing to uncertainty of monsoon. The region is facing crisis due to drought for a long time. Despite all these problems, the farmer Chitranjan Chourasia of village Niwari has set an example for other farmers by performing excellently in organic farming.

Chitranjan Chourasia, on suggestions from the Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development established a unit at his agriculture field to manufacture vermi compost with the help of subsidy amount and started animal husbandry. He received amazing result in the agriculture yield from the organic fertilizer, not only the input cost of the crop has come down but the fertility of the soil increased. Chitranjan now is earning Rs. 10 to 15 thousand per month from the sale of 200 quintal fertiliser. Moreover, he is getting 25 to 30 litre milk daily from the cows and buffaloes. After the domestic use, Chitranjan is also selling the remaining milk in the market. Beside this, he is also growing organic vegetables and the demand of his organic vegetables is always there in the nearby areas of his village.