Farming app that lets you grow& harvest your organic food

January 4, 2018 0 Comments

Growing fruits and vegetables with the aid of chemical fertilisers is common and widespread, as is artificial ripening with chemicals, that depletes them of vital nutrients. Lack of transparency and traceability from the source and in the supply chain makes it almost impossible to find out if the food on our plate is safe and healthy to eat.

In an effort to combat this challenge, Shameek Chakravarty (39), Sudaakeran Balasubramanian(37) and Gitanjali Rajamani (36) founded Farmizen, a mobile-based platform that lets you grow and monitor the process of growing food on a real-time basis.

Situated on the periphery of Bengaluru city, Farmizen manages five farms of 10.5 acres, divided into mini farms of 600 sq ft each. By paying Rs 2500 as a monthly subscription fee that includes the monthly rent to the farmers, the individuals can grow vegetables of their choice as per the season in the twelve beds allocated to them in their mini farm. They control the farm through an app just like Farmville and can visit the farm anytime and harvest their own chemical-free produce.