From barren land to an organic farm

April 28, 2016 0 Comments

Chennai, April 23: Three years ago, when Prathima Ganeshram was sipping her cuppa in the evening, the idea of transforming her 12-acre barren land into an organic farm struck her. For a woman born into an agricultural family, this was not surprising.

She drew inspiration from the writings of G. Nammazhvar, an organic farming scientist, and Subash Palekar, an agriculturist.

However, she did not find much encouragement from the people around her, who said her plan would come a cropper. But, she was determined to go ahead with her idea. Her husband, M.K Ganeshram, was a great support. With Ganeshram extending financial help, she started working on this idea which led to the establishment of ‘the Asoka Organic Farm,’ in Kolapakkam, near Omega International School.