Glamorising an age-old profession

May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Sangolda, May 12: Professor turned farmer Sandra Fernandes of Green Growth Institute, Sangolda is working hard to not only promote organic farming but farming as a promising career option.

If you think tilling the soil, working under the harsh sun and making your hands dirty is not your dream job, then you have to meet Sandra Fernandes from Sangolda who is working hard to give farming a different ‘look’ in order to attract new, young farmers and make it a profitable career option.

This week’s Friday Balcao will have Sandra speaking on the topic, ‘Organic farming as a career option in Goa.’ The topic sounds impressive and promising and, Sandra assures that there is a now an emerging market for organic produce, due to awareness on healthy food and increase in lifestyle diseases that forces people to opt for nutritious and healthy food.