Glory of organic gardening

Organic gardening is not new to Bengaluru. But quite frequently we need to be reminded of how our food is adulterated with pesticides that pose a health hazards. At a recently-held workshop Its Thyme to Garden by Anu Ganapathy, delved into the dos and donts of the process of organic gardening. Anu, a former HR Executive, at HappyHealthyMe Organics, quit her corporate job to do what she loves – organic gardening.

She spends her time growing a wide variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables on her terrace garden. Talking about her foray into organic gardening, Anu says, I started with home composting and then I didnt know what to do with all the compost. So, I started growing plants because thats the next natural step. You get scared as you keep watching all the videos on television and WhatsApp videos on how people have mixed chemicals in plants and are washing them in dirty water. I took it seriously. And began growing my own vegetables, says Anu, who has been growing vegetables and fruits since the last two years.