GM mustard will not drive oil revolution: Experts

June 13, 2017 0 Comments

By Dharshini Ramanaa

In a well-attended conferenceon Saturdayat Anna University in Chennai on the sides of three-day Seed festival, experts from various walks of life sought to throw light on why they were wary of Genetically Modified Mustard and its commercial cultivation in India. Organised by Poovulagin Nanbargal, the conference was addressed by food policy expert Devinder Sharma, Kavitha Kuruganti of Safe Food Alliance, Prof Sultan Ismail, Siddha expert Dr G Sivaraman, Agriculturalist Pamayan and actor and activist Rohini among others.

Warning against scientific fraud, Dr Devinder Sharma debunked the claims that the Genetically Modified mustard would not drive an oil revolution. The Environment Ministrys Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) had in May cleared the commercial use of GM mustard, making it the first GM food crop in India.