Good moringa: Drumstick the new kale?

July 13, 2016 0 Comments

Mumbai, July 7: The humble muringakkai has joined the league of superfoods in the West. It is also being developed as cheap nutrition for poor people living in drylands

Back in 1982, the Tamil filmmaker K Bhagyaraj directed a movie titled Mundhanai Mudichu (Saree Knot) that centered on an alluring ingenue’s attempts to win the love of a widower. Among her prime tools of seduction is the drumstick, a vegetable derived from Moringa Oleifera (hence muringakkai in Tamil), a tree indigenous to India and commonly grown in the South, which was purported to be an aphrodisiac. No proof has ever been adduced for this claim, but so popular did the movie’s theme become that the film was remade in Telugu, Hindi and Kannada. The makers of the last one even throwing in a song dedicated to the drumstick (Kaayi kaayi nuggekaayi).

The legend of the libidinous drumstick-eater was born.