Governments organic farming dream for NE turns messy

New Delhi: The governments much-touted plan to develop the Northeast region as the countrys organic farming hub has run into rough weather.

The charge for the organic farming plan has been taken away from the ministry for development of north-eastern region (DoNER) and given to the agriculture and farmers welfare ministry.

The DoNER ministry has been sidelined whereas it is supposed to be the nodal ministry. The whole exercise gives a feeling of messing up of the entire scheme. The committee is unable to understand the DoNER ministrys role after the transfer of funds, said a parliamentary panel mandated to study the scheme.

It appears that DoNER has been relegated to the role of an observer, it added, saying that the responsibility to monitor the scheme should rest with the DoNER ministry as originally envisaged.

Under the changed structure, the DoNER secretary will co-chair the meetings on the issue of organic value chain, however, the controlling ministry would be agriculture ministry.