Govt introduces subsidy scheme for production units to meet agriculture demands

To meet the demand of biological and organic input in place of chemical inputs the Government of India has introduced various subsidy schemes to production units. National Centre of Organic Farming is extending the subsidy in collaboration with the NABARD and NCDC.
For best medium of organic fertilizer generation as per research the cow manure is considered as richest source of organic input in villages. The resources also includes crop residues as animal feed, grow green-manure crops, handling problems with bulky organic manures, problems in timely preparation of the field. To cope up the environmental deterioration and health problems owing to increasing and continued use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The need for organically farmed produces, as consumer awareness and environmental regulations continues to evolve. Huge demand of organic farming inputs is required in place of chemical inputs. To meet this demand there is a need to add to the production of bio-fertilizers in farming system.