Grows 50, develops 4 varieties of paddy

Nagula Gangaram alias Chinnikrushnudu, a farmer from Chintaloor in Jakranpally mandal, defines progressive farming as he has developed four new paddy varieties using modern methods of cultivation. He has also been growing 50 paddy varieties which are rare and are believed to be useful for improving human health.

He has distributed different varieties of seeds to his fellow farmers which are likely to be cultivated on a large scale in the coming years. Given his enthusiasm for farming, its no wonder that even at 65, he is full of vim and vigour and has undying thirst for developing new varieties via organic farming.

These breeds include ancient and modern varieties. The gestation period spans from 80 days (Sat Ka, Budama Vadlu) to 180 days (Raj Bhog and Padma Rekha).

As of now, Godavari Uske-II, Kalavat, Kudurath, green super rice, Vishnu Bhog, Govind Bhog, Kunkumsali, Ramyakali, Indrani, Dehradun basmati, Pakistan basmati, Raktashali, Manipur Chakago, Chitti Mutyalu (scented rice), Kerala Sundari and others have come for harvest on his farm.