Gurdwaras Urged To Serve Organic Langar

February 7, 2016 0 Comments

Washington DC, Feb 2: Eco-Sikh, a Washington DC based organization has sounded the alarm on issues related to climate change and has urged Sikh Gurdwaras to take green actions as part of the Sikh Environment Day celebrations on March 14. In a new campaign, EcoSikh has appealed to gurdwaras to develop a plan to introduce organic ingredients into langar meals.

The Sikh Environment Day (SED) is an international day of environment action for Sikhs around the world. Inspired by Guru Har Rai ji’s love for nature, EcoSikh facilitates gurdwaras, schools, clubs and individuals to take action against climate change, through actions such as hosting a recycling drive, giving an eco-lecture, or having a nature walk. SED is celebrated on March 14th globally.