He Left His Corporate Job In Mumbai To Take Up Organic Farming And Help A Community Live Healthy

April 23, 2016 0 Comments

Mumbai, April 13: Suneet Salvi managed a furniture company, in which he had a major stake, before deciding to find a greater purpose in his life.

He is one of the few Mumbaikars who are turning to an organic way of life by growing their own produce without the use of chemical fertilisers.

We met up with him to ask about his farm and his new way of life.

  1. What made you give up your business and start organic farming?

Actually it has become much more than organic farming. What started out as a personal hobby has now become a full scale humanitarian and ecological life mission for me. I was in search of a higher purpose in life and once I found it, it became easy to say good bye to corporate life and sell my stake in my business and move on. With the blessings of my Guru and support of my family I decided to embark on this journey.