Hoping for healthy India

Twelve years ago, Satish Kumar Burra was riding high on a successful career travelling across the world while working with Cap Gemini, just a few steps away from getting on to the directorial board when a personal tragedy brought him back home. His brother, just a few years elder to him working with an IT firm, died of cancer just like that.

An active youngster, just of 34 years, who was a National champion swimmer with no history of smoking or drinking alcohol had just one vice. He enjoyed food and very often ate outside food and from what Satish could see it could only be the pesticide ridden food that we consume today that is our undoing and cause of an increased number of cancer patients.

The personal tragedy affected Satish in more than one way. He couldnt get back to his routine without reflecting on the food scene back home, which is when he made a decision. He began to grow organic grains in his agricultural land in Karimnagar with the help of his now retired father. They toiled hard, but from managing farming in the not so familiar surroundings to supplying to supermarkets and other retail outlets that was neither yielding any tangible profit nor was it serving his purpose could not be continued for long.

This is when he introduced the concept of Organic Thali (a Start-Up) wholesome lunch thali that has in addition to salad (sprouts/ boiled nuts), a sweet like millet laddu, korra payasam etc, two vegetarian curries, dal with leafy vegetable, sambar and rice all at the cost of just Rs 75. He took a space off the HITEC City road, closer to IT district, and opened his kitchen using the best industry practices of quality and cost efficiency.