How a farm in Bengaluru is delivering fresh, organic produce on the same day as harvest

May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Bengaluru, May 14: Kiwis from New Zealand, Cattley guavas from Colombia, Chinese mulberries – exotic fruits that S. Madhusudhan was told would not survive in Bengaluru. But, they did not just survive but thrived in his organic farm in suburban Bengaluru.

Prior to starting up back2basics, Madhusudhan, an IIM-B alumnus, served three decades in advertising and marketing at Bharti Airtel (South India) and at Manipal Group, where he was a Senior VP of Global Marketing. Recalling the day he collapsed in the office, 55-year-old Madhusudhan says, “This incident forced me to re-evaluate my lifestyle and food habits.” While recuperating, he was advised to take up activities for rest and relaxation and found himself drawn to gardening. On a small plot he owned, he began chemical-free cultivation of greens, soon producing far more than his family could consume. He distributed the produce among friends and family, whose encouragement led him to turn to full-time farming.