How Sikkim Beat Himalayan Odds to Become India’s First Organic State

February 16, 2016 0 Comments

Prime Minister Modi recently announced that Sikkim has become the first Organic State of India. The journey wasn’t easy, the questions were hard and the challenges looked insurmountable. But today, the demand for Sikkim’s organic produce has soared and farmers in the state are already earning 20% more than they did earlier.

“Hum Log ab khusi khusi se kaam karte hain. Ham sab gaao waale milke kaam karte hain. Sab bahut active ho gaye hain organic mission ke baad.” (We villagers work happily now, in a spirit of togetherness. Everyone’s become very active after the organic mission was announced)Norkit, an organic farmer, Sikkim.

Up in the Himalayas, there’s an organic spirit that is running high. Farmers are happy, youngsters are becoming entrepreneurs, tourists are flocking and business is flowing in from all over the country to the state of Sikkim. This upsurge is the result of a Himalayan task that Sikkim believed it could achieve – that of transforming itself into a fully organic state. The state still awaits its first airport, does not have a Doordarshan Kendra, has a GDP that is the third smallest in the country – but Sikkim has taken on a bold mission.