How Six Families Joined Hands to Grow Their Own Organic Food in Noida

December 1, 2016 0 Comments

A healthy diet begins with lots of fruits and vegetables, but some of the shiny, perfect looking veggies available in the marketmay not good for your health after all.A study by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India under the Union agriculture ministry threw up some unpalatable facts vegetables and fruitson sale in the marketmay contain startling amounts of harmful chemicals. This is a result of the fact that, over the years, conventionalfarmers have been increasingly spraying synthetic pesticides on crops to kill insects and waxing the harvested produce to increase their shelf life.

Its time to take a closer look at whats on our platter, where it comes from and what we are feeding our families. And that is exactly what six families in Noida did. Worried that the food their children were eating was laden with pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers, theydecided to take up organic farming to source farm fresh vegetables for themselves !