Importance of backyard poultry farming in NE India

November 29, 2016 0 Comments

India’s modern commercial poultry production is barely 50 years old, although backyard poultry farming dates back to prehistoric period. Backyard poultry production is an old practices in rural India.

Mostly in North East region, backyard farming is usually practiced which usually comprises of rearing indigenous birds with low production performances. Usually the potentiality of indigenous bird in terms of egg production is only 70-80 per year and meat production is very less.

At present more than half the total population in the region depends on agriculture. The geographical features of the region which is of mainly low hills surrounding the valleys makes it appropriate for its system of rearing birds. With the growing population the need for the supplements other than agricultural products also arises.

Backyard poultry is advantageous as it provide supplementary income in shortest possible time with little minimum capital investment, simple in operation and ensure availability of eggs and meat even in remote areas. It is a type of organic farming with no harmful residue in eggs and meat. It is eco-friendly approach.