India: Extreme heat affecting mangoes

April 21: The king of fruits has arrived on the markets and costs upwards of `54 a kilo. While this is the case at Hopcoms, other vendors are selling the fruits at a much higher price.

As of Sunday, the prices of mangoes at Hopcoms outlets start at `54 for a kilo of the Sindura variety; `120 for Badami; `105 for Malgoa; `94 for Banganapalli; `90 for Mallika; `86 for Kolopadu and `85 for Rasapuri.

The mangoes cost nearly double at other shops. A kilo of Raspuri will cost anywhere between `130 and `150, while other varieties like Badami are being sold at `200 a kilo.

The soaring temperature has not been conducive for the crop, while the extreme heat has resulted in some of the produce getting ruined.

The mangoes currently on sale in the market are expensive, as they are from the initial produce and have been ripened through artificial means, he explained.

“If you wait for another month, naturally ripened fruits will start coming in. Farmers will be able to meet the demand and prices will come down by then,” he explained.