Invitation for WORKSHOP ON SEED & LAWS 14-15 November 2015

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This is to invite you to a unique event on legal concerns around the seed in response to real problems faced on the ground in Karnataka and neighboring Southern states of India. The twin objectives of this gathering are to:

Firstly, raise awareness and build our own collective capacities on the law-related issues around seeds, including on current day local rules, national legislation and international treaties that impact seeds;

Secondly, take steps towards organising a support group/para-legal team wherein practical problems that arise in the specific area of seeds can be collectively processed.

You are cordially invited to participate knowing either your knowledge on legal issues or experience in seed-related matters. The event is based on the principle of respecting that different people, no matter who they are – farmers or lawyers, bring their own expertise and understanding to the issue of seed and the legal regime. Moreover, as seed is the source of our food and central to our peasant cultures& farming families, it ought to be a matter of concern for us all.

The workshop will commence with an agenda setting by seed-savers and farmers’ themselves. This will be followed by a general orientation on the existing laws and policies on seed in India, including details from some state-level seed rules and regulations. The rest of the event is planned in workshop mode, where we will together seek to address two particular practical subjects:

  1. What kind of document can seed savers/farmers’ individually or collectively use when approached by bio-prospectors?
  2. When selling their seeds either amongst their own network or to those outside it, what legal safeguards they ought to adopt?

We anticipate your involved attention to this endeavour. Inviting you into this process also comes with an expectation that you will continue to stay associated with the network, we are trying to establish. We do not see this as a one-off event. All are also requested to kindly sit-in and participate throughout the full programme. The tentative schedule is provided overleaf.Resource materials will be shared by the organisors. But you are also encouraged to bring along any documents, etc. that you think might be relevant to the group.

Since this is a small group event, we request your early confirmation. For in case for some reason you are unable to attend we may invite others in time.


DAY ONE Saturday – 14 Nov 2015


  1. Arrivals
  2. Introduction of participants
  3. Practicalities

(Second Half)

  1. Context Setting by Seed Savers/Farmers breeders present
  2. Problem Identification.
  3. Discussion on options. (Till 7:30 p.m.)

All the necessary arrangements for your boarding and lodging are being made by the co-organisors at Fireflies, Bengaluru. is the venue for the workshop. For any queries you may have about the contents of the workshop, travel logistics or any other practical matters, feel free to contact us.

​We anticipate ​your confirmation.

Anitha Reddy I Sahaja Samrudha I  9880271411

Manas Srivastava I Sahaja Samrudha I  8105928643                                                                                                                  ​