Karnataka first state to adopt telemetric rain gauging system

November 11, 2012 0 Comments

MB Maramkal, TNN | Nov 8, 2012, 06.04PM IST

MYSORE: In future there is no need for Karnataka farmers to wait for the radio bulletins or telecasts to know the rain details in their area. If requisitioned one can get micro level rain details as SMSs on their cell phones. Thanks to the initiative taken by the Karnataka State Disaster Monitoring Committee (KSDMC)which has decided to replace the existing traditional rain gauges with the sophisticated telemetric gauges and that too at all the 6453 Gram Panchyat headquarters

Earlier, rain gauges existed at taluk and hobli headquarters and rainfall was quantified on the basis of the data received from these mechanical rain gauge centres. But changing rain patterns and receding rainfall made predictions on the meteorological front to go haywire. Now with the establishment of these telemetric rain gauge centres , farmers and interested will not only receive rain reports on their cell phones for every 15 minutes, even they can base their crop cultivations based on the rain recordings received from these centres. Farmers registered with the system will keep receiving messages round the clock with precision details of the rain received by concerned GP.

According to KSDMC source already 793 telemetric rain gauges have been set up and 1500 GPs will be added to the list this year. This replacement will not only eliminate errors in gauging the rainfall, it even allows government to phase out mechanical rain gauges hitherto managed by PWD, revenue and statistics departments .

In the past , 25 sq kms of area was taken as the base for counting rainfall , but now it is less than 12.5 sq kms , the source pointed out , adding that rainfall gauging will be shifted from macro to micro level. In addition to these GP centres, even 200 rain gauges at taluk and district headquarters will be replaced with telemetric rain gauges.

KSDMC scientist Puttegowda said software for the functioning, collecting, pooling and categorization of the data received from these telemetric gauges has been developed and mother centre has started functioning. These telemetric gauges work on solar power , he disclosed.

Brain behind this project: Man behind this innovative rain gauge system is none other than the director of the KSDMC V S Prakash. Whole project is his brainchild. According to Prakash it occurred to him in 1999 when he worked as senior scientist in central meteorological department. He said he came across such module in Netherlands and this made him to think of developing such module for Karnataka . At first “I developed prototype and worked on it before going ahead with the project” he claimed, adding benefits are multifold and accurate. ” Even we not only predict rainfall accurately, when heavy rain occurs people in the area can be alerted and asked to move to safer places thus preventing disasters and losses” he added. System eliminates mistrust between the government and people on the weather front , he said disclosing Karnataka is the first in the country to work outthis rainfall module which is now being copied by AP and union government .

Major benefits:

  • Plan cultivation of crops.
  • Precision in predicting ground water recharges.
  • Settlement of insurance claims based on rainfalls.
  • Developing a rain fall data for future rainfall predictions .
  • Eliminate errors in weather predictions.
  • Alert people on rainfall disasters.

(Source: indiatimes.com)