Keen to live off the grid? This couple from Karnataka shows the way

August 29, 2017 0 Comments

Living amid nature, growing your own food and enjoying a life of leisure most urban dwellers dream of a life like this. But a couple from Karnataka is living the dream.

Not far from the city of Mysuru, in Halasuru village of Kote Taluka in Karnataka, Anjali Rudraraju and Kabir Cariappa have created their own little slice of paradise Yarroway Farm.

Anjali, a management graduate from Hyderabad, did her masters course in New York and worked in thefinancialservices sector for almost a decade.Her tryst with the corporate world ended up driving her closer to nature.

This journey wasnt really veering off course for Kabir, a second generation farmer who grew up on an organic farm and was homeschooled by his parents. He sees a farm as a living entity, and regards the work involved as fun; all it requires is patience and concentration.