Kolhapur opts for healthy, self grown, organic foods

April 22, 2016 0 Comments

Kolhapur, April 10: Healthy eating is no longer a trend, but a habit that is being adapted by many. In fact, several people are taking up organic farming in their backyard or terraces and looking for alternative methods to grow vegetables. We take a look at how Kolhapuris are jumping on the organic bandwagon, be it by growing their own veggies or simply buying from organic stores.

Home grown, small scale organic gardens:¬†Growing your own vegetables is the best bet. Ankita Burkhe plants her own vegetables on her terrace in old tubs and basins, nurtures them and serves her family not only home-cooked, but also home-grown meals. She says, “At home we have waste like used tea leaves and egg shells that can be used as manure. One can also experiment after doing some research online.” Many housewives have started opting for self-grown herbs and vegetables. Planting as many seeds as possible, dietician Jyoti Patnakar says, “Once you are into planting home-grown organic foods, then with experience