Left His Job to Fight Against Chemicals in Farming

It was in 2012 when Pawan Tak visited a hospital in Ajmer and came across a girl who had tried to commit suicide by drinking a harmful pesticide. This incident changed his entire course of life!

The family belonged to a remote village. The doctor wanted to know the name of the chemical that the girl had consumed so that they could start the treatment. I coordinated with the doctor and her parents and gave him the information. The girl had consumed two capfuls of a pesticide used by most farmers and was in a critical situation. I kept thinking about what happens to those who consume vegetables and fruits that are grown by using tonnes of this poison, says Pawan.

However, Pawan was never encouraged to take up farming. To find a midway between his passion and his fathers wish, Pawan opted to complete a bachelors degree in agriculture and decided to take up a job after that. However, when he saw a girl dying of pesticide and thought about the ill-effects of it on everyone who eats chemically grown vegetables, he felt a responsibility to put an end to this.

He began to research the ill effects of chemicals in agriculture. According to him a formal degree in agriculture only gives knowledge about the positive effects of chemicals in farming, completely skipping the negatives. He searched for the ancient methods of farming when chemicals did not exist, and would also meet organic farmers who had entirely given up chemicals.