Let us join hands and ensure that “BRAI, GMOs, Monsanto…..Quit India”.

The UPA Government has introduced an unwanted, flawed piece of controversial legislation in the Parliament ironically on World Earth Day (April 22nd), in the form of the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill 2013, despite strident opposition from within and outside the Parliament.

This Bill proposes a single window, fast track approval mechanism for risky Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food, farming and environment. It is simply meant to promote GMOs in the name of regulation. This technology has been rejected in an overwhelming number of countries of the world, given its documented adverse impacts on health, environment and sustainability of farm livelihoods and farming.

IF the BRAI Bill is IN, safe food is OUT. Moreover, it will facilitate the takeover of our food and farming by multinational agri-business corporations like Monsanto. This BRAI Bill is being dubbed as Indias Monsanto Promotion & Protection Bill by many. This Bill could mean an end to Choices, for farmers and consumers.

This is about our Food, our Farmers and our Freedom. Remember how citizen action stopped the entry of the unwanted and unsafe Bt brinjal in 2009-2010. We can do it again! If we as a nation want to protect our food sovereignty, if we want to retain control on what we grow and what we eat, this is the time for us to act decisively.

This is a call to all like-minded organizations, alliances and individuals to come together in Delhi on August 8th, on the eve of Quit India Day, with a simple call: “BRAI, GMOs, Monsanto……QUIT INDIA!”.

Join hands with other citizens to send a strong signal to governments that we have elected: that we will neither tolerate unsafe GM foods being pushed down our throat nor the corporate domination of our food systems and agriculture.

The Coalition for a GM-Free India, a broad inclusive platform that is engaged in creating scientific informed public debates on the issue of GMOs in India for decisive action by citizens and for promotion of lasting solutions, encourages one and all to come prepared to express our peaceful democratic dissent in a celebratory fashion – let us exhibit the strength of our diversity: in our seeds, in our farming, in our stakes. Remember, this struggle is also about upholding Diversity, the very basis of Life. This might be the last chance we have to protect our food, farming and health. Don’t lose this opportunity.