Lights, camera, farm

Pawan Kalyan, Prakash Raj, Naresh and producer Chintalapuri Srinivasa Rao have one thing in common apart from acting organic farming. Though it is a revenue-generating business, the income they receive may not match the actors status, but no ones complaining. These stars are using this as a platform to create awareness about organic farming.

Senior actor and Vijaya Nirmalas son Naresh is actively involved in organic farming for the last few years. As a child, I liked farming. Since my mother, too, is fond of it, during summer vacations she would send us to our farmhouse at Manimangalam village to learn about the occupation, recollects Naresh.

And now, the actor has a 20-acre farmhouse near Shadnagar where fruits are grown. Its semi-organic and we grow mostly mango and other fruits. This year, the yield looks good so far. Last year, the crop got completely washed out and the year before that, I earned nearly `3.6 lakh from the crop, informs Naresh for who farming isnt about the income.