Living in a fruit forest

Ponvelimadom, home of local temple priest at Marankulangara, stands in a clearing amid streaming greenery.

For the past one decade, its resident Kishorekumar N. (Kesavanpotty), priest-cum-farmer, is on a mission to transform his 1.5-acre property into a fruit forest. Peanut butter tree with ripe fruits, blossoming miracle fruit plant, Apple, Orange, Longan and Malay Apple to local varieties of Jackfruit, Kumars backyard is brimming with healthy and nutrient-rich bunch of foreign and local fruit-bearing species. He has so far planted fruit trees of as many as 55 species and counting.

I have a dream and it is to create a forest full of fruit-bearing plants and trees in my backyard, Mr. Kumar told The Hindu, as he roams between the rows of plants after returning from his family temple performing daily morning rituals.