MAC to make herbal formulations for plant health as per national organic cultivation policy

January 1, 2016 0 Comments

Mumbai, Dec 30: Maharashtra Ayurved Center Pvt Ltd (MAC), an ayurvedic industry cluster based in Pune, is planning to produce herbal fertilizers for medicinal plants grown in ayurvedic clusters based on Vriksha Ayurveda principles in line with national organic cultivation policy.

This bears relevance as rampant use of pesticides and chemicals have posed disastrous effects on medicinal and non-medicinal crops in terms of their efficacy to treat ailments and offer the required nutrition.

This will also help cater to the increasing demand for authentic ayurvedic, herbal and organic products for plant growth and health based on Vriksha Ayurveda principles through inducing bio-active factors for plant growth.

The principle of Vriksha Ayurveda is to extract plant origin concentrate from plants and feed to the deficient plant. The results are instant, as the concentrate is 100 per cent plant nutrient herbal extract. This system naturally supports the environment too. When plants absorb the chemical concentrate, the characteristic of the entire plant changes and plant shows its inability to resist. These give way to atmospheric changes where many unknown diseases occur.