Mad about Millets

May 25, 2016 0 Comments

Bangaluru, May 11: The word has been touted as a magical elixir ­ one that will blast belly fat, cure your illnesses and generally make you the belle of the healthful ball. But why pay through your nose to eat a crop that’s been shipped all the way from South America when you have a rich variety of native millets to choose from? Ragi, Amaranth, Jowar, Bajra….they’ll all keep the waistline trim while also helping local ecology and farmers. It’s with this thought that The Green Path, a 20-year-old organic movement, has organised a Millets Mela in the city.Get to know your local millets and reap their benefits instead of banking on one brought to you at the cost of thousands of air miles and the prosperity of your state’s farmers.

About seven millet farmers’ groups are coming from areas such as North Karnataka, Tumkur and Dharwad, to showcase the various varieties of millets. These include Navane (Foxtail millet); Same (Little millet); Arka, Sajje (Bajra Pearl Millet), Baragu (Barnyard Millet); Jowar; Ragi (finger millet) and others. In addition you can buy millet seeds for cultivation, books to prepare millet recipes, and value-added products such as cookies, ready-to-eat payasam and upma mixes.