Monthly conferences to facilitate smooth supply of organic products

BANGALORE, December 1, 2012

Staff Reporter

To ensure smooth supply of organic products from producers to retailers in the city, the State government will initiate monthly conferences between these two important stakeholders in the sector.

“These will be through videoconferencing from the State capital with retailers participating in the conference with producers at all the district centres,” K.V. Sarvesh, Director, Department of Agriculture, told The Hindu. He said that this would be a bridge-building exercise between the two.

His comments came after an interactive session between organic producers and retailers at the three-day BioFach India, an international organic trade fair here on Friday.

The interaction also saw retailers expressing concerns about the supply chain in the sector.

According to another senior official in the department, the videoconference could help the retailer plan his stock and farmers in managing their produce.

Certification agency

The State-owned Karnataka State Seed Certification Agency has started the Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency, an organic certifying agency with a team of qualified and experienced personnel, trained by consultants in organic certification methods and standards as per the National Programme for Organic Production guidelines.

According to officials, there are four accredited organic certification agencies in Karnataka, and despite developments in the organic sector the State did not have a government agency.