Mumbai: Is organic farming sustainable in the long run? Jury is out

Karishma Goenka Tuesday, Dec 3, 2013

India’s fast-growing population and rapid inflation has been affecting the urban common man and the rural farmer in equal measure. And, at this time, comes the movement against Genetically Modified (GM) crops and the growing trend of organic farming, which some feel might not be enough to feed the billion mouths in our country.

Experts debated the sustainability of organic farming in the long run at the Earth Mela over the weekend.
“Organic crops are not completely devoid of chemicals… Because of this organic frame of mind people have got into, they are apprehensive about all kinds of insecticides and pesticides. There are natural insecticides, such as pyrethrum made from chrysanthemum flowers, which are now put into the same bracket. Organic farming is not sustainable, it is made out to be heath food for those sections of society that can afford it,” said Kedar Bhide, a toxicologist.