National Conference on Ancient Farming Technologies of India Principles and practices

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Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas,



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Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda

Gnanabodha Sabha Trust, Eluru

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Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Ashram, Sanivarapu pet cross road, Dondapadu Eluru, West Godavari  District, A.P.

About the Seminar

India, right from times immemorial, has been cherishing and revealing on “Farming techniques “ which, in fact, has been her main source of income through millennia. As the modern researches on Agriculture advanced, scholars started recognizing that most of the modern findings in the field were already incorporated in the Vedas, which unfortunately missed our attention since several centuries. More recently, when ancient scientific treaties like “Krushi Parasaram” of 1st Century BC, “Vriksha Ayurveda” of 11th century AD etc., saw the light of the day, (thanks to the efforts of the researchers like Prof. Y.L. Nene), many agricultural references from Rigveda, Agnipurana etc., have become more clear and we could rediscover that not only the so called “Green Vegetation” but also most of the present day agricultural implements have their roots in the ancient Indian literature of BC periods.

This revelation inspired I-SERVE in a two pronged way (i) to intensify its research on Traditional knowledge and bring the rich applications to the farmer’s knowledge on one hand and (ii) to make efforts to educate modern Indian agriculturist about the usefulness of the ancient Indian techniques in this field.

It is with this intention, that this two day National Conference on “Ancient Forming Technologies of India: Principles and practices” is designed as a happy blend of both ancient and modern researches in this field. The primary motto of this seminar is to motivate a researcher to go more deep in to Traditional Indian organic farming techniques and to encourage a general field agriculturist to adopt more ancient techniques, in order to maintain ecological balances and environmental purity. That is why there are special arrangement in this Conference to facilitate interaction of local formers with seasoned researchers and agriculturists.

Technical Sessions

Technical sessions are planned to cover the Traditional knowledge resources, of the techniques, replacement of chemical fertilizers, and pesticides with nature friendly and economical alternatives which can easily be prepared and applied . The applications in the farming of the paddy, sugarcane, vegetable, cotton, Coconut, cocoa, oil palm , Maize, Medicinal plants, flowers, fruits etc., will be discussed in detail by the experts and the farmers. Each farmer is encouraged to take up pilot scheme projects adopting one or two acres  of land for applying the ancient methods to  witness the profitability along with high nutrition value products


Eminent Agriculture scientists will deliver their lectures in the two day technical sessions in English ,Hindi and Telugu and arrangements are made to translate the English and Hindi speeches into Telugu, for the benefit of the local farmers. The delegates (who are mostly farmers) can interact with the experts on their specific technical issues pertaining to the subject of discussion. Some of the speakers who already accepted are

1.  Dr. A. V Subrahmanyan,

Centre for Indiginous Knowledge, Chennai

2.  Dr. S.L.Chowdary,   Rajahstha

3.  Dr. K. Srinivasa Reddy, Tirupa

4 Dr. Radhakale, Bangalore

5.  Dr S.K. Khandelwala, Udaipur

6.  Dr. Kalpana Sastry, Hyderabad

7.  Sri Deepak Suchde, Madhyapradesh

8.  Sri Turlapati Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

9.    Dr. Viswanatha Reddy, Vijayawada

And some more Scientists from Agriculture Department will deliver the lectures