National conference on forest food and exhibition

November 3, 2014 0 Comments

We warmly invite you to a 2 day national conference and exhibition of ‘Uncultivated Forest Foods’ on the 12th and 13th of December, 2014 at New Delhi, focusing on *”Forests as Food Producing Habitats”*.

This is to initiate a policy discourse around food and nutrition security and sovereignty of Adivasi and other forest dwelling communities, as well as their ethos and worldviews linked to these.

Mr. Jual Oram, the Minister of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest of this conference, where Adivasi and other forest dwelling communities from more than ten states will participate and exhibit more than 1,000 local foods.

These events are being organized by Living Farms, Odisha; Kalpavriksh, Delhi/Pune, and South, Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED), New Delhi – as a much-needed initiative to recognize the significance of uncultivated foods in contributing to the well being of
Adivasi and other forest dwelling communities. Please find attached a detailed invitation.

National Conference and Exhibition on Uncultivated Forest Food -G