OFAI Rice characterization workshop in Odisha Phase 3

July 29, 2013 0 Comments

Phase 3 – Harvesting stage 25th Dec to 28th Dec 2013

Phase 2 –Flowering Stage of Rice
The Phase 1 of the training workshop organized by OFAI commenced in June during the Sowing – Transplanting stage of Rice in Odisha.
The Phase 2 of the same training will take place on 29th October to 1st November 2013 during the flowering stage (panicle initiation to milk stage) of Rice.
Aim: To create a farmer database of their rice varieties, in order to prevent biopiracy of the heirloom varieties.
1) To enable farmer-conservators to assess and document 52 characteristic descriptors of rice varieties.
2) To train farmer-conservators to rogue out the off-types based on selected descriptors in order to maintain genetic purity.
Dates: 29th October to 1st November
Resource Person: Dr. Debal Deb, Basudha, Odisha
Venue: Kerandiguda, Muniguda, Odisha
Registration Fee: Rs. 400/ day/ person for simple food and accommodation, be deposited in OFAI Account before 30th September 2013.
Those who cannot afford to pay the registration fee due to no association with an NGO or for any other reason but had attended the phase 1 of the same training can ask for financial assistance.
Participants are requested to arrive in Muniguda on 14th Evening.
A certificate will be issued at the end of last phase by OFAI and Basudha for each participant on completion of the training.

OFAI Rice characterization workshop in Odisha has been postponed due to the increased cyclone activity. The new dates for the workshop are from 29th Oct to 1st Nov for 4 days. Interested participants need to re-book their tickets in tatkal and let us know accordingly. Apologies for the inconvience caused! Shamika, OFAI